Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2011 Conference

07062011 RTD I: Stimulating economic and social development: Research infrastucture development and clusters

08062011 Plenary Session: Areas of synergies

08062011 RTD II: Synergies among European, national and regional policies in the field of Research Infrastructures

08062011 RTD III: Future of cluster policies

08062011 RTD IV : Regional dimension of the Innovation Union

08062011 RTD V: Smart specialization at regional level: How good practices of synergies between clusters, cluster initiatives and research infrastructures can support that?

08062011 RTD VI: Financial and legal challenges related to Research Infrastructures

07062011 Experts' view on the knowledge market and competitiveness

Welcome and Opening Session

Key message of WIRE2011 and Debrecen Declaration

Final Closing of WIRE2011